Know Seasonal Vegetables of Summer and Winter Season

In last article, I told you seasonal fruits of summer season and winter season. In today’s article, I will tell you, seasonal vegetables of summer season and winter season.

Just like, it is very important to know seasonal fruits of summer season and winter season; so that you do not make mistake of eating non-seasonal fruits in wrong season; similarly, equally it is important to know list of seasonal vegetables; to avoid mistake of eating non-seasonal vegetables.

So, which vegetables are found in summer and winter season? Given below is a list to help you to know seasonal vegetables of season summer and season winter. Well, this list is sub-divided into two parts; just like list of seasonal fruits of winter and summer season. So, here comes those two parts-

  1. Seasonal vegetables of summer.
  2. Seasonal vegetables of winter.

First comes, the-

1) List of seasonal vegetables of summer-

In summer season, you get lot of options among vegetables; as their comes lot of vegetables in summer and they are-

  • Pumpkin, bitter gourd, ladyfinger- All of these three vegetables comes in summer season. Last two of them, bitter gourd known as karela and ladyfinger known as bhindhi; become favorite of many, when made by frying process.
  • Ram tori, bottle gourd and Colocassia- ram tori known as ridge gourd and bottle gourd is known as lauki in India and Colocassia is known as Arbi in India; are hated among many children; but. this is also true that these are next 4th, 5th and 6th vegetable in list of summer vegetables.
  • Capsicum- is next seventh vegetable in summer vegetable list; which is used in so many recipes and adored by many and rich of antioxidants.
  • Onion, tomato and brinjal - are next 8th, 9th and 10th vegetables; which you can easily purchase in summer; as they being seasonal vegetables of summer, are easily available in market in summer. Note here onion and tomato are available throughout year; but, they are actually summer season vegetables and onions and tomato that you get in winters are non-seasonal.
  • Cucumber- also like tomato and onion is seasonal vegetable of summer; whose cooling benefits most of you must have heard.


2) List of winter season vegetables-

  • Carrot, cabbage, spinach- are 1st, 2nd and 3rd vegetable in winter vegetables list.

    First two of which, children love to eat; but 3rd one, they hate too much; but they are not aware of fact that how much they hate it, that much healthy it is for them.
  • Radish, turnip and peas- turnip also known as shalgum in India and is 5th vegetable in list of seasonal vegetables of summer. Radish and turnip are vitamin C rich and peas are store house of most of nutrients.
  • Potato, sweet potato, Yam- Yam also known as jimikand in India is one of the crop of winter season. So, all of these three are seasonal vegetables of winter and not summer season.

You must be thinking in this article, I have given seasonal vegetables and in previous article, seasonal fruits of summer and winter season; but in both articles, I have not given seasonal fruits and vegetables of monsoon season. Which fruits we should eat in monsoon? The fruits and vegetables which you are getting in monsoon in market, is mix crop of both summer season and non-seasonal crop of winter.

As, winter has not yet arrived fully in monsoon and there is little bit warmth in monsoon because of moisture or humidity in air; that is why summer season fruit still fit in list; as winter has not arrived fully in monsoon; so avoid eating non-seasonal winter vegetables and fruits coming in market in monsoon. Let the winter season come and when it comes; then enjoy seasonal fruits and vegetables of winter in winter season.

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