High Yielding Variety Seeds

High Yielding Variety (HYV) seeds played vital role in the progress of agriculture. They are considered as `miracle seeds’. The high yielding programme was launched in the Kharif season of 1966 in selected areas having assured rainfall. Seed is the basic and crucial input for attaining sustained growth in agricultural production. The yield of traditional is low. High Yielding Variety Seeds are developed to get higher yielding.

The main advantages of High Yielding Variety seeds are yielding of farms with the use of HYV seeds in high compared to the use of traditional seeds. HYV seeds give better quality yielding. The maturity time of crop is less. Multiple crops can be grown easily. Seeds are mostly flood and drought resistant. Problems of pests and diseases are less. HYV seeds generate additional employment. Net agricultural income increases substantial. HYV Seeds helps socio-economic transformation for farmers. Paddy, Wheat, Maize, Jowar , Bajra and other crops utilized HYV seeds over large area within a short period.


HYV seeds yield more under irrigated conditions. However, the crop demands controlled irrigation. These crop should be irrigated at right time as per the schedule and in right quantity. Most of the HYV seeds are dwarf varieties. They need higher doses of fertilizer. HYV crops are highly susceptible to pests. Right quantity of pesticides to be used to overcome this problem.

In the first three five year plans, measures were taken to set up seed multiplication forms in each block and seed testing Laboratories at selected places. Legislative measures were taken to introduce Quality Controlled Seeds. Government has set up National Seed Corporation (NSC) in 1963 to Seven Regional Units and State Farms Corporation (SFC) in 1963 60 supply quality seeds.All India Corporation Improvement and Seeds Producers Association and All India Seed Growers Association were also started functioning at National level.   It is one of the vital programme undertaken by the Government.





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