10 Facts about Daffodil Flowers

Daffodils- Some interesting facts behind the beautiful flower.

10 Facts about Daffodil Flowers
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This article lists some interesting facts about the most loved flower on the planet.

The term “Daffodil” is used to refer to the familiar trumpet shaped spring time blooms that come in many colours-white, pink, yellow, red and orange.  Daffodil is the official name used for many plants that fall under the genus Narcissus and family Amaryllis. These include jonquils, paperwhite( white daffodils) and others.

These flowers are the most favourite and loved one across the Globe. They come in beautiful combination of two colours also. The beautiful combination can be white petals with pink cups commonly called as the double daffodil “Replete”. The beautiful art of Nature can be seen with many pink varieties of the flower that start with yellow-orange and slowly fade to pink.

This article talks about the 10 interesting facts about this loved flower.

  1. An interesting story is behind the name of this beautiful flower.  Daffodil is also called Narcissus.  It gets its name from Greek myth about a handsome young man with the name Narcissus.

    God gifted him beauty with a condition that he would not look at his reflection. Narcissus could not control his temptation and gazed at his reflection in a shimmering lake. He was turned in to Daffodil flower for his vanity.
  2. It can reach up to the height 6 to 20 inches depending on the variety. They have leafless stem with 1to 20 blooms on the top of it.
  3. It is the national flower of Wales. And it is a belief that if one spots the first daffodil of spring in Wales, the coming year is prosperous and full of wealth for that person.
  4. Daffodils were first cultivated in ancient Rome around 200 or 300 BC. Greeks and Romans cultivated them for ornamental value. Then the popularity of the flower dropped till 1629 when Englishmen reintroduced it to the gardening world.
  5. It is considered both lucky and unlucky. If a bouquet of daffodils is presented to a person, it is supposed to bring good luck for the recipient but if a single daffodil is given, it brings sorrow and bad luck to the recipient. It is believed that if they are force to bloom at Chinese New year, they bring prosperity to the whole household. Poultry farmers do not grow this flower near their farms as it brings bad omen to their business and hens refuse to lay eggs with daffodils around.
  6. Daffodil is March flower and 10th Wedding Anniversary flower. Many couples gift a bouquet of 10 daffodils to their spouse on their 10th wedding anniversary to show the love, joy and luck their partner has brought to their happy life.
  7. They were the symbol of chivalry during Victorian times and are symbol of hope in today’s world.
  8. They are toxic. They have toxic sap which keeps insects and squirrels at a safe distance. They also kill other flowers if kept with them in a vase. The plant should be kept at a safe distance from pets. Sometimes florists do get allergic daffodil itch.
  9. They are the most hybridized plant on this planet. Each year a new variety is introduced. There are about 25 to 60 species with 13,000 different varieties.
  10.  Daffodils have been used in history for medicinal purposes. Ancient Greek used them as disinfectant. During Victorian time, they were used for healing warts, sores and scabs. In present time, many believe that it has potential to treat breast cancer and disease like Alzheimer’s.

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This made me remember the poem Daffodils...I wandered lonely as a cloud That floats on high o'er vales and hills, When all at once I saw a crowd, A host, of golden daffodils; Beside the lake, beneath the trees, Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.


Interesting facts.


Thanks for your feed back! The flower has been the most loved and most popular of flowers across the world. It is beautiful and people are interested to find more interesting facts about the flower. I have just listed ten of them and there are many more which one can find. . Thanks for reading.