Convert Your Agro Land to a Profitable Farm

5 Tips to Build a Profitable Farm

Convert Your Agro Land to a Profitable Farm
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Farmers aren’t utilising the agricultural land properly in a whole year. Maximum farmers use the land for production of rice, wheat and dal grains. Rest of the year, the land is free of agriculture. For this reason, farmers are unsuccessful on their business. A profitable farm can be made by harvesting more and more fruits, vegetables and crops. How will be the position of both trees and crops on a land to make a profitable farm. Five tips are given below to make a profitable farm.

Five Tips to Build a Profitable Farm

1. Plant some permanent economic tree:

A huge land can be converted to a profitable farm by introducing some economic trees like mango, orange, lemon, guava trees etc. These trees need to be separated at a great distance as other crops can be cultivated on ground of the land. Economic trees give food on a particular season. Mango, orange, lemon fruits have high demand on summer season. So farmers can earn better money on that season.

Farmers can cultivate other crops or green vegetables on land during other season.

2. Economic Food Production:

Those farmers whom haven’t huge land, cannot plant economic trees because unavailable space to grow crop. They can plough rice, wheat or dal grains. During other season, they have to try for green vegetable and food production. If it is impossible for him due to lack of manpower, they can try for mushroom cultivation, which is an economic food in market.

3. Make a Flower Business:

There is another profitable business i.e. flower business.When you are free of work, you can make a flower garden and start a flower business. It needs management but can possible at low time interval and low manpower. Flowers have huge demand on market. Mostly marriage ceremonies and temple decorations need huge flower.

4. Utilise the boundary line of a land properly:

Farmers never focus on the boundary line of a land, which also covers a large area. You can plant some trees on this area like banana trees. If the land is saline, you can plant coconut trees. But it needs safety, as others can’t steal fruits of your garden.

5. Check the soil for better crops:

As you plant some economic trees, you have to check which plant can grow better on that soil. You can take advice from agriculture office. Same way, you have to check which vegetable or crop is suitable to cultivate on that soil.Advices from agriculture office help farmers to earn more.

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