5 Tips to Improve Method of Agriculture and Achieve Success

5 Tips for Success in Agriculture

5 Tips to Improve Method of Agriculture and Achieve Success
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Farmers of our country are not improving because of lack of ideas. Some tips are given below to improve their method of agriculture.

Indians like to eat some specific food on specific season. So Indian food and vegetable market is season based. One can’t find summer food on winter and winter food on rainy.

(a) Season based particular food production:

        On a particular season, costumers have more demand of a particular food or vegetable. Farmers have to make a survey to find most demand food on the local market. Farmers should concentrate on a specific food production, not on various food productions.

(b) A large scale of food production:

       When a farmer was cultivating three or four types of crops, it’s difficult for him to upkeep them. Because every crops need separate facilities to grow.

For which farmers can’t manage that. But if the farmer will cultivate one crop, it doesn’t need separate facilities. Same facilities will be given to that one crop. Farmers also can easily manage it.

(c) Chosen food must be economic:

       As the farmer will cultivate only one crop or food, that chosen food must be economic. That food should have higher price value on that local market. Because farmers need money for their hard labour. If you don’t have idea about price of the crops, you can make a survey on the local area.

(d) Adopt higher technology:

       The biggest reason of failure of Indian farmers is adoption of older technology. As the population is growing day by day, the demand of food is also increasing. To fulfill them farmers should adopt higher technology by which they will produce more and more crops and foods.

       More and more use of manpower increases the investment but more and more machinery use reduces the investment. So farmers have to adopt the machinery use to reduce the outlay.

(e) Marketing and branding:

       Farmers face more loses, when they sales the product. Farmers have to make their own brand name. The name for which people will know him. Then farmers will sell their product as a whole seller to the retailer.

      To adopt this process, farmers will face no loses. If once costumer will happy for your product, then he surely comes next time.  

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I agree. And same here. Our farmers here in the Philippines are lacking the knowledge for them to make their farming more successful. Still our farmers are bound in using old methods of farming. Only a few is knowledgeable. I hope our government will exert more effort in helping them.


These are nice tips. I will convince all farmers to follow these powerful tips.


I have been following up with agriculture as i would like to venture into that field as well. However, I realize that i am more into the older way of farming because that way helps with the problem of human resources in terms of providing jobs for people. The new and emerging ways help to increase productivity but decreases how many persons can be employed.


You have tried so well to articulate your thoughts!! Good one!! It feels good to know that youngsters like you think deeply about farmers issue.


Thanks. I want to attract youngsters towards entrepreneurship which will improve the economy of a nation.