How to Grow Plants in a Pot at Home?

Growing potted plants at home now easy with this tips

How to Grow Plants in a Pot at Home?
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Pot or container gardening is ideal for those with little space in the house. Only a patch of sun on their space can produce a wide variety of crops and vegetable in pots.

Pot or container gardening is ideal for those with little space in the house. only a patch of sun on their space can produce a wide variety of crops and vegetable in are some tips, how to grow plants in a pot at home!

Choosing the right pot - First of all, we should choose the right pot. Make sure there are one or more holes in the bottom of the pot to allow water to flow freely. Insufficient drainage can cause the plant to die. We can use anything as a pot for plants. If you prefer lightweight pot then look for fiberglass or plastic, these materials absorbed less moisture.

Choosing the right potting mixture - You should not use any soil from the garden or anywhere else.

You should buy a soil mixture from your local garden counter. It is a lightweight mixture of soil and decomposed organic matter. To reducing the plant maintenance, buy a time release fertilizer, and a jar of soil moist. You should follow the package direction for adding to the potting mix.

Choosing the right plant-  Choosing the right plant for your pot, you must take into consideration the condition of your place. You should not try to grow a plant, which requires six to seven hours of full sun. When deciding what to buy, the simplest approach is to use one kind of plant per pot.

Preparing the pots- If the pot is large, before filling them, place the pot where they will ultimately go. Once they are full, they may be too heavy to move. Put a coffee filter in the bottom of the empty pot. This will prevent the mixture from washing out but allows water to escape. You should check the moisture content of the soil, before pouring it. You need to add little water at a time. A good rule is to wet the mix until it feels like a damp sponge. Now fill the pot with the soil. Put in enough potting mix, so the base of the plant is about one inch from the top of the pot. Before planting, you should pat down the soil lightly with your fingers.

Potting the plant - Now remove the plant from nursery container set the plant on top of the mix, if you are potting more than one plant, leave at least an inch around each root. Carefully fill the root with a small handful of soil. Water the container, it will settle the roots into their new home.

Watering- If you plant in the spring you can probably get away watering with once a week, but in the summer plants need more water, then  you should give water to your plant until the water comes out of the drainage holes.that's why you know the soil is getting moisture all the way to the bottom. Please water the soil, not the leave and flower. Don't worry if your plant looks wilted in the hottest time of the day. As long as the top of the soil is moist, you don't need to give water in the plant.

Feeding-  plants which are growing in the pots need more fertilizing than those in the ground. The more you water, the more quickly you flush out the nutrients of the soil. You should use a time release fertilizer when planting, if you want healthy plants. You need to feed them a liquid or water-soluble fertilizer to a couple of weeks according to the package direction.

Deadheading - Deadheading is essential for a healthy plant. It encourages a plant to grow healthy. Pinching or cutting off a faded leaf or bloom, known as deadheading. Some plants have their self-cleaning properties, so they don't need any deadheading.

Doing insecticide, if the plant becomes infected-  If you need to deal with the pest, you should look for a plant insecticide. Read the direction and use it as directed.

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