10 Benefits of Tree Planting at Home

Why Now is the Best Time to Plant Trees at Home

10 Benefits of Tree Planting at Home
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Trees are considered the lungs of the earth as they filter the Carbon Dioxide in the air and they produce Oxygen. Tree planting is essential not only to our environment but also for our personal consumption and benefit.

American poet, Joyce Kilmer made a very beautiful poem about trees. To quote, poems are made by fools like me, but only God can make a tree. I wish everybody has this kind of admiration and love for trees. If we only knew how important trees are, we will be convinced to plant trees in our backyards. Its never too late to do so. Here are the 10 benefits of tree planting to convince you that now is the best time if not too late to plant trees in our backyards.


Trees Filter the Air We Breathe

Trees are the lungs of the planet Earth. At this age and time, the air we breathe has become polluted due to the advancements in technology. Trees help filter the air we breathe by taking in Carbon Dioxide and producing Oxygen which is vital for our survival. The more trees we plant in our home the cleaner the air we breathe.

2. Economic Opportunities

Planting trees at home can be a good source of additional income in the family. Fruits harvested from fruit-bearing trees at home can be sold to neighbors and farmers' market for additional income and additional food supply in the community.

3. Reduce Energy Consumption

Shades provided by the tree canopies help cool the temperature at home, thus reducing the use of air conditioning and electric fans.

4. Provide Home for Birds and Other Animals

Trees are the homes of birds and other small animals. Planting trees at home can help these creatures to thrive in a habitat of their own. 

5. Source of Beauty

Trees are naturally beautiful, the different patterns on its bark, the shades of green leaves and its colorful flowers and fruits. Planting trees at home beautify the landscapes of our gardens and provide privacy to our homes. 

6. Trees Prevent Soil Erosion

Soil erosion is the displacement of the upper layers of sand mainly by the flooding of the water. Although soil erosion is a natural process  By planting trees in our homes we can prevent erosion and land degradation since trees protect the soil from the impact of a heavy downpour. Further, the roots of the trees also bind the soil preventing it to be easily eroded. 

7. Health Benefits

Fruits bear by trees planted in our homes are natural sources of essential vitamins and minerals. This is also one way of ensuring that the food we intake is organic and free from harmful chemicals and pesticides. 

8. Lumbers

Trees planted in our homes are the free source of lumber for building homes, furniture, and fixtures. 

9. Special Place

Trees in our backyard can be a special place for big life events such as marriage and birthdays. With proper physical arrangements and decorations, trees can provide beautiful backdrops for special family events and occasions.

10. Personal Happiness

The little act of planting a tree was proven to provide a feeling of happiness and accomplishment. Studies also show that patients who were exposed to trees have a better recovery rate. Recent studies also prove that trees have a calming and soothing effect on the mind and the body.

The more trees we plant, the greener our environment is and the happier and healthier we are. A small act of planting a tree in a simple place as the backyard of our home can greatly impact our survival and the survival of the place we call home. Planting a tree is never as immediate and important than now.

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